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Family-approved delicious recipe FIRST. Completely fictional, amusing backstory after.

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  • Easy Egg Bites
    18 chickens, laying 6 eggs each per week, meant we had 108 eggs. Every. Single. Week. I came up with this recipe for Easy Egg Bites in an attempt to use up all the eggs.
  • Country Style Chicken Kiev
    Country Style Chicken Kiev – also known in our house as Chicken Kid. Rich, buttery chicken fit for a Tzar (or anyone else who may show up at your house).
  • Incredible Snickerdoodle Cake
    It was an Easter dinner party with no dessert. My mind began scrambling for ideas. Carrot cake? No, too common. Homemade Peeps? No, not sophisticated enough, and besides, I didn’t have time to make and mold the marshmallows by hand. Then it dawned on me: I could make SNICKERDOODLE CAKE!
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