Guest Post: Cooking With the 43 Year Old Man Child!

43 year old man child
Dinner from the 43 year old man child – looks delicious!

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We’re doing something a little different this week – I have been working non-stop getting the blog moved over to our new .COM site (yay!) and haven’t had much time to get anything created. While you’re here please update your bookmarks to – thank you! Luckily, the incredible Colin Vargo, aka 43 Year Old Man Child, stepped up and agreed to do a guest post! Colin has recently started a Facebook group where you can find more of his recipes and hilarious writing – check it out here!

So without further ado, may I present: “Cooking! with the 43 year old Man Child!”

On tonight’s (I have no kitchen) episode of: “Cooking! with the 43 year old Man Child!” We explore making something delicious (and real food!) with nothing but our toaster oven, and microwave. Why only the toaster and microwave you ask? Because we’re partway through giving our kitchen a facelift, and my range is not usable currently.

So let’s back up about a month when we purchased chicken breast. We start with some fresh chicken breast and we butterfly it… badly… and it ends up in 2 pieces both times. 😂 no worry, it tastes the same. We then put it in a freezer bag and pour in some “Sucker Punch Smoke” marinade. Seal the bag with no air in it, and then move the chicken around with your fingers to completely coat it with the marinade. Pop it in the freezer for later use. We took it out this morning to defrost in the fridge.

Now, I could have grilled it and it would have had more visual appeal. My Weber is used year round for sure, but most of this delicious marinade would come off the chicken. Still good. Great if you like some spicy flavor but not too much, but with this sauce, I much prefer baking it in the marinade.

Preheat the oven (toaster oven in this case) to 350° F. Pop the chicken in a Pyrex dish just big enough for it, so it bakes in the marinade. Set your timer for 45-60 minutes depending on thickness of the chicken. Remember we have to get it to 165° F completely. This had a lot of marinade and chicken, so 60 minutes was the safer bet. Flip the chicken halfway through as quickly as possible so you don’t lose any heat.

guest ingredients Guest Post: Cooking With the 43 Year Old Man Child!

Then we cheat. I have no usable stove. So we go to Aldi’s Seasons Choice steakhouse green beans in the steamable bag. We also cheat and go to Simply Nature seven grain 90 second rice. About 7 minutes total in the microwave and we’re done! Complete meal with no use of my range or oven, and no chili cheese dip in sight.

How fancy does this look considering limited cooking ability with no range? Kitchen facelift included re-doing our countertops, tiling our backsplash and some new appliances, a new sink, stripping staining and urethane on the cabinets. So lucky to have my wife cranking it out with me.

Thank you Colin! That is an extremely impressive creation, especially considering no useable stove!

(Note: I am not Colin’s wife. I am married to a different 43 year old man child.)

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